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Dra för att arrangera om sektioner

If you've been looking for a way to protect your invention, you've probably come across a company that offers invention help. These companies will claim to protect your invention using patents and other methods. However, patent protection isn't something you can simply buy. It takes specific expertise. You should be wary of these companies and make sure that you do your own research.

InventHelp offers a variety of services that can help you with your invention. The services offered include guidance and reference materials. However, there are a number of factors that play a role in the success of an idea. To get the most out of your business, use InventHelp services.

The Coca-Cola invention help Pemberton get off of morphine, an opium addiction. He took cocaine to treat his pain after seeing another doctor, who had discovered that coca could help treat opium addictions. He then devised a concoction from coca leaves and kola nuts that he dubbed French Wine Coca. This concoction would eventually become Coca-Cola. Pemberton enlisted the help of his bookkeeper, Frank M. Robinson, who had been a drug addict. Robinson helped Pemberton get started with his invention, and was also responsible for the logo.
George Davison

If you've got an idea for a new product but don't know how to take it to market, consider contacting George Davison. His company, Davison Enterprises, is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and inventors develop their products. The company's services include a confidential idea evaluation, brainstorming, design, and prototyping.
Ken Tarlow

With more than eighty patents and over one billion dollars in retail sales, Ken Tarlow has accumulated an impressive resume. He has won awards for innovation and design, including a Residential Lighting Top 100 award. He has also received the Hilton Entrepreneurship Award from Loyola University and the Best of Sausalito award for industrial design. But if there's one thing Tarlow is most proud of, it's helping entrepreneurs launch their inventions.
InventHelp's online course on inventions

If you're looking for help in developing your idea, InventHelp's online course on invention-building may be just what you're looking for. This 10 hour course provides detailed information on everything from creating a concept to writing a patent application. It even includes an example patent manufacturing and sales contract. The course also features a multiple-choice quiz at the end to ensure that you've understood the material thoroughly. The course is intended for aspiring inventors, engineers, and students.
InventHelp's non-disclosure agreement

When working with InventHelp, you can rest assured that your idea will remain confidential. The company will help you develop working prototypes and help you submit your invention to the patent office. However, this isn't a free service. InventHelp will charge you a fee to handle your invention and produce the prototype.

Dra för att arrangera om sektioner

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